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Weather worries

Help pupils to understand weather conditions and temperatures with a TESiboard interactive weather broadcast.

What is it?

An interactive project in which pupils click on icons to select a region (Scotland or the South West, for example), a weather condition, the temperature and wind type. Once they have made their selection, the program shows it written out in sentences, such as: "This is the weather for the South West. The weather is sunny. The temperature is 30 degrees. The wind is calm." Then the program converts pupils' selections into an animated weather report.

How can it be used?

Encourage pupils to copy the weather report into their notebooks and turn it into complex sentences. They could add how the weather makes them feel, what clothing they would need to wear and what they might do in this weather. For an extension activity, ask pupils to research the weather in different regions of the UK and create a report about the real weather. Alternatively, ask them to focus on one area of the UK. Pupils could find out city and town names, places of interest and create a presentation including the local weather forecast.

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