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Scott and Shackleton, a century on

Scott and Shackleton, a century on

For the first time, the Royal Collection has brought together a selection of Herbert George Ponting and Frank Hurley's photographs in The Heart of the Great Alone exhibition. As presented to King George V, they portray Captain Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton's great explorations of Antarctica and mark the centenary of Scott's tragic Terra Nova expedition.

The photographs vividly reveal the experience of Antarctica, from the faces of the individual explorers to the threatening, abandoned landscapes that engulfed them.

The exhibition will be on display in the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, until 15 April.

What else?

Captain Scott's Invaluable Assistant: Edgar Evans will be published in February. This new book reconsiders the balance of upper- and lower-deck members of the expedition. Author Isobel Williams' medical background brings a different angle to the Antarctica explorations, delving into the problems suffered on the attempted return.

Alternatively, visit the Discovering Antarctica educational website and try the numerous resources on Shackleton, Scott, Antarctica and exploration that can be found on TES Resources. Or take a trip to the National History Museum's temporary exhibition, Scott's Last Expedition, on until 2 September.

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