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Schools history project

Get pupils to analyse source material about anti-Vietnam protests and the Hitler Youth using resources from the TES schools history project.

What's included?

- You say we pay: based on the daytime TV competition, this whole-class game revises the subject of votes for women. One pupil sits with their back to the board and a key term is displayed behind them, which the rest of the class has to explain to the pupil without using that word. The "contestant" has one minute to work out what is written on the board based on their classmates' descriptions. The activity is a fast-paced revision of important controlled assessment terms, such as suffragette, hunger strike and the cat and mouse act.

- Vietnam: can we stop the war? This lesson plan and resource pack from ThePeopleSpeak includes pamphlets and newspaper articles about the anti-war campaign to prompt discussion among pupils on whether protests work.

- Hitler Youth: an interactive PowerPoint introducing the Nazi youth associations. It encourages pupils to analyse photographs and propaganda posters to find out what members of the Hitler Youth did and how the Nazi party persuaded young people to join.

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