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Holiday Reading : An artist behind the lens

This week we review a selection of great holiday reads for the under-10s including...

By Geraldine McCaughrean Illustrated by Ian McCaughrean
Oxford University Press
pound;4.99 pbk

Cosmo and the Magic Sneeze
By Gwyneth Rees. Illustrated by Samuel Hearn.
Macmillan Children's Books
pound;9.99 hbk

Free Lance and the Field of Blood
By Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
Hodder Children's Books
pound;6.99 hbk

The Silent Man: the Abbey Mysteries 2
By Cherith Baldry
Oxford University Press

Ghostly Tales: The Phantom of Billy Bantam; The Ghoul of Bodger O'Toole
By Penny Dolan Illustrated by Philip Hopman
pound;3.99 each

A Turn in the Grave
By Bowvayne

The Pony-Mad Princess series: Princess Ellie to the Rescue; Princess Ellie's Secret; A Puzzle for Princess Ellie
By Diana Kimpton
Usborne pound;3.99 each

Felicity Wishes: Star Surprise; Designer Drama; Newspaper Nerves; Clutter Clean-Out
By Emma Thomson
Hodder Children's Books
pound;3.99 each

Once Upon a World: The Enchanted Gazelle; Guess My Name
By Saviour Pirotta
Illustrated by Alan Marks
Franklin Watts
pound;8.99 each nbsp;nbsp;

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