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Holiday talk is bang on the money

With summer term over, it's no surprise that fantasies of well-deserved holidays are being shared on the TES forums.

Teachers in the online staffroom are jetting off all over the world: cruises in the Mediterranean, adventure activities in Austria and, erm, camping in Wales - although, as guinnesspuss points out: "It is a 'foreign' country!"

Meanwhile, the Cabbages and Condoms restaurant in Bangkok is sunset's recommendation for paulie86, who plans to to visit the city. Sounds... interesting.

Others are also discussing food - including dande, who confesses to a certain fussy attitude towards some items: "When buying vegetables, I like the ones that look pretty."

And when it comes to tinned baked beans, others find they can be quite particular, too. Heinz is the clear favourite, but oldsomeman points out: "Whichever bean you eat, they all give you wind!"

Arched Eyebrow, meanwhile, lists "kitchen towel with a bit of strength, the best-quality writing paper and cotton sheets" as the luxuries they just can't live without.

Perhaps a cash injection is needed to keep some contributors in their chosen lifestyle. But how much is too much? Discussing the recent #163;161 million lottery jackpot, most forum users agree that they would not know what to do with so much dosh.

But Lurk_much has a few interesting ideas for spending their imaginary winnings: "I fancy building a villa with mildly pornographic floor mosaics and Alhambresque internal spaces... Or a Scooby Doo-styled gothic hotel chain."

With or without a lottery win, taking it easy in the coming weeks is certainly high on the list of priorities.

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