Holidaying staff 'strike' for a day

Support staff are being asked to give up a day of holiday to boost claims for higher pay.

The unions Unison, the GMB and the TGWU have called another one-day strike of local government workers on August 14 after failing to reach agreement with local government leaders last week.

Schools will be on holiday, but unions hope staff will join demonstrations. Hundreds of schools were forced to close last Wednesday as caretakers, assistants, dinner ladies and others joined the first national strike by council workers since 1979's "winter of discontent".

A further one-day stoppage is planned for September, when schools would be affected. The unions want a minimum increase of 6 per cent. Employers have so far offered only 3 per cent.

There were hopes of a settlement on Friday when employers issued a press release appearing to offer a minimum wage of pound;5 per hour.

But following a meeting between the two sides, the unions said no new offer had been made and accused employers of acting "disgracefully". Talks resume today. The unions may be offered a two or three year deal by employers today. However, a Unison spokeswoman said the sticking point would be the level of increase.

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