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Home grown

Disappointingly, James Towers's article perpetuates the same old myths about home education.

Contrary to the popular (and incorrect) belief, home-educated children are able to socialise and fit into society. They are not confined to a building for a large part of each day, neither are they required to absorb irrelevant information.

Their parents do not choose this method of education out of "arrogance and ignorance". They are simply ordinary parents exercising their legal right to educate their children. As a matter of fact, many home-educated children teach themselves what they want to learn.

The point of this type of education would be lost if restrictive guidelines (such as those currently issued in draft by the Scottish Executive) were implemented.

I would have hoped for more enlightened and well-informed views from a councillor who deals with home-educated children like myself.

Victoria K Blake (1534) Ochil Street, Alloa

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