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Home is where the art is

Last year was hailed as a great success for the arts in Scotland, according to the Scottish Arts Council's annual report.

The report shows Scotland's reputation in the world of arts has improved both at home and internationally. It also highlights achievements in delivering the SAC's three aims of celebrating artists and artistic excellence, improving the quality of life for all through the arts, and providing leadership in the arts in Scotland.

"The importance of the arts to building a confident and cultured Scotland cannot be underestimated," says SAC chairman James Boyle. "Not only is a vibrant culture the mark of a civilised society, but this report shows some of the many ways in which investment in the arts can improve the quality of life for everyone.

"The arts in education assist people to learn in new ways, especially those who do not respond well to the usual teaching methods. The arts can help individuals find confidence and express themselves, bringing communities together and playing an important part in the regeneration of disadvantaged areas," he says.

The report is available at

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