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Hone your technique

Your job and career questions answered

Q: I don't feel that I do myself justice at interview. How can I improve my chances?

A: The first thing is to be prepared. Know why you are applying for this particular post, and think about how you would explain your interest to someone else. After all, if you reach the interview stage, you've passed the first test with flying colours and had your application form accepted as better than that of some other applicants. Remember, the first contact is a key one. Manner, bearing and tone of voice are even more important than the actual words you use. Most interview panels will start with an obvious question to help you settle down before testing your worth for the job. Be prepared to ask a question at the end, or if your possible questions have been covered, say so, explaining what you would have asked about. There is value in arranging a mock interview with someone who knows you well and can be honest about where you might improve your technique.

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