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Hooray for the FE Pay Campaign

WHAT a boost to open last week's TES and find the FE Pay Campaign, which will add serious clout to our cause.

We are being asked this week to accept a pay settlement which merely toys around with 0.5 per cent here and there and includes a vague "commitment" to keep reviewing the situation. Needless to say, I will be voting against acceptance.

Could I also point out that the figure which is usually touted of a 10-12 per cent shortfall compared with teachers' pay is a conservative estimate to say the least.

As a course co-ordinator with advanced practitioner status, my pay is about 25 per cent lower than that of a schoolteacher with similar responsibilities. But with the added support of The TES, maybe we can start to shake things up a little.

Mel Henshall

54 Manor Rise



West Yorkshire

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