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A host of ideas

OXFORD PRIMARY GEOGRAPHY Pupils' Book 3 Oxford University Press Pounds 5 Teacher's Books 1 and 2 Pounds 5.00 each

This series has been revised for key stage 2. The pupil's book follows the familiar format of attractive sources with masses of visual material. Book 3 continues the theme of Askrigg and continues with the water cycle, Barmouth, Glasgow and weather studies. Emphasis remains on real places at a variety of scales and contexts, with welcome concentration on skills. Pupils are encouraged to look and discover for themselves with a minimum of plain information. The main deficit lies with the lack of text. Reading continues to be a key skill in learning, and while there are other sources of maps and pictures, admittedly not in the selected form available here, suitable reading about places is often hard to find.

The teacher's books provide a host of ideas for teaching skills. Some of the suggestions would not be out of place at key stage 3 and are suitable for only the very able in earlier years. The railway timetable in Book 1, for example, requires considerable skill to interpret.

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