Hostile teacher to learn about managers

A teacher who accused his head of being incompetent, dishonest and a bully must undertake a course to fully appreciate the role of senior school management.

Yahia Asran, who taught maths at Kaskenmoor school in Oldham, was found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct when he appeared before the General Teaching Council this week.

The conduct committee heard that Mr Asran had made false allegations of bullying against John Alder, the headteacher, and Mike Venet, the deputy.

He refused to co-operate with many of the school managers' requests and was hostile towards capability procedures.

Mr Alder said Mr Asran had refused to teach year 10 pupils GCSE work a year early or to use books which came with a Braille version to help a blind pupil.

Mr Alder said: "He had an adverse effect on pupils of a likeness I have never seen in my whole career, but every effort was still made to support him. Three sets of parents removed their children as a result of his teaching and conduct."

After complaints from parents, staff and pupils, Mr Alder asked Mr Venet to observe Mr Asran's classes. But Mr Asran eventually refused to co-operate with capability procedures and in May 2004 called Mr Alder "a dishonest and incompetent headteacher". After an unsuccessful harassment and bullying case against Mr Alder and Mr Venet, he was dismissed in December 2004.

Mr Asran said his disagreements with the school management dated from September 2003, when he had been told off for sending pupils out of his class.

He said: "It was a very stressful time and I was scared of losing my job.

Yet despite the treatment I was given my performance as good."

Mr Asran's new employers must give biennial reports over the next two years to show he has complied with managers' instructions.

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