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Maths Is All Around You by Marianne Knaus and Sally Featherstone (Bloomsbury) ISBN 9781472913388

A broad range of mathematical concepts are introduced to extend children's thinking and learning. The topics include counting, matching and sorting, the introduction of chance, as well as shape and spatial awareness.

The Reader's Brain: how neuroscience can make you a better writer by Yellowlees Douglas (Cambridge University Press) ISBN 9781107496507

This science-based guide to writing uses cutting-edge research on how we process written language in order to transform reluctant writers into experts.

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones by Will Mabbitt and Ross Collins (Puffin Books)

ISBN: 9780141355146

Follow Mabel Jones' adventures aboard the Feroshus Maggot, crewed by an outlandish troop of pirates. Create pirate stories with these related worksheets: bit.lyHotOffThe Press12June

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