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Where Will I Go?

by Richard Sinclair and Jon Lycett-Smith (Digital Leaf)

ISBN 9781909428560

The second title in the When I Grow Up series sows the seeds of adventure in young readers' minds. A father and son contemplate all the places the boy could visit when he's older, from "the North Pole and the South Pole to all that's in-between".

Great Victorian Discoveries

by Caroline Rochford (Amberley Publishing)

ISBN 9781445645421

This book reveals the pioneering experiments and bizarre theories of the Victorian age, including the discovery of local anaesthetic when a German medical student accidentally splashed a chemical on his face and found that it numbed his eye.

Creative Schools

by Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica (Allen Lane)

ISBN 9780241003954

Educationalist Sir Ken Robinson argues for a more personalised, organic approach to education. He sets out the key projects and people he believes are revolutionising schooling through innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

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