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How can we end the faculty system and return to subject PTs?

Posted by Freddie92

I am hacked off with the whole system. I am in my second faculty and neither worked. Unpromoted teachers are doing tasks PTs get big bucks for. The different subjects have become rivals, with a lot of bad mouthing. We need to see this idiotic policy reversed.

Posted by flamencodancer

Maybe class teachers should refuse to do the things fac heads are getting paid for and follow their own duties to the letter! The system would collapse. This is another money saver with absolutely no educational benefits for the children. Subject teachers need PTs, not fac heads who know fac all!

Posted by crazy_chicken

Our faculty works amazingly well together. Previous faculty I worked in was sh*t, though.

Posted by Raymagnol

There is an argument that faculty heads will be better placed to deliver the cross-curricular demands of A Curriculum for Excellence.

Posted by Dominie

Advice to members from SSTA: don't do work which was previously done by a PT.

Posted by mybabe

Surely there is a part of our agreement which states "and other duties as directed by line manager"?

Posted by sel_chick

I have heard of experienced but unpromoted teachers applying for fac head jobs, but not getting them as they do not have the relevant experience. But without the positions of APT and PT subject, how are they to gain it?

Posted by news2me

I find it offensive that "experienced" teachers and PTs will turn their nose up at a fac head job, state there is no way they will do it for such a small increase, then complain the appointed person is so younginexperienced. It appals me when older teachers refuse to help someone when in fact it is in the contract that they can be asked to carry out reasonable duties.

Posted by a19pb

Why is it that every school has a different mix of subjects and then there is combined pastoralsubject responsibilities. It is a total mess., and go to Staffroom, then Opinion.

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