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How council budgets add up for schools


Education budget Pounds 85.7m. Saving Pounds 3.3m or 3.9 per cent. Council cut 10 per cent.

32 teachers to go (17 in secondary), 15 visiting specialists and 14 posts in community education and central administration axed to save Pounds 800, 000, swimming in S1S2 axed, school bursariesgrants Pounds 500,000, community education Pounds 200,000, social strategy Pounds 70,000, and cuts of Pounds 140,000 in in-service, curriculum and staff development.


Education budget Pounds 105m. Saving Pounds 3.2m or 2.9 per cent. Council cut 4 per cent.

Pounds 1m achieved by voluntary severance of teachers and visiting specialists, primary school meals subsidy scrapped to save Pounds 350,000, minimum eligibility for school transport cuts bill by Pounds 250,000, staff cuts of Pounds 200,000 in education department, community education loses Pounds 500,000, school-level economies of Pounds 300,000.


Education budget Pounds 47.5m. Saving Pounds 1.5m or 3.2 per cent. Council cut 5.5 per cent.

Extra savings of almost Pounds 1m found from other departments to protect education, in particular maintain staffing standards and avoid school closures. School meals up by 10p, music tuition from Pounds 43 to Pounds 60 a year, 10 per cent rise in school lets, 30 per cent reduction in bursaries, 12 per cent cut in property maintenance of Pounds 150,000, hours reduced for part-time and peripatetic staff.


Education budget Pounds 47.6m. Saving Pounds 1.7m or 3.7 per cent. Council cut 6 per cent.

Pounds 257,000 from closing six primaries plus Pounds 102,200 from closure of another two or three, Pounds 200,900 in reduced school meals subsidy, Pounds 153,750 from loss of six teaching posts, education resource service cut saves Pounds 131,200, staff training for the Children Act removed to save Pounds 128,250.


Education and community services budget Pounds 26m. Saving Pounds 1m or 4 per cent. Council cut 7 per cent.

School budget cut restricted to 1.25 per cent, primary swimming cut from two sessions to one (Pounds 10,000), music instruction time cut and charges increased (Pounds 40,000), reorganising service for pupils with moderate learning difficulties (Pounds 80,000), selective cut in promoted posts (Pounds 15,000), school meals up by 5 per cent raises Pounds 18,000, supplies cut of Pounds 30,000.


Education budget Pounds 65m. Saving Pounds 1.06m or 1.6 per cent. Council cut 6 per cent.

Areas such as staff development to be given changed priorities, reductions in management time, energy savings, IT hardware to be replaced from capital not revenue budget, outdoor education and instrumental tuition may be cut.


Education budget Pounds 66.5m. Saving Pounds 1.7m or 2.6 per cent. Council cut 4.6 per cent.

Staffing standards reduced with loss of 11 primary posts (saving Pounds 180,000) and 30 in secondary (saving Pounds 486,000), 5 music instructor posts shed as charges upped from Pounds 39 to Pounds 85 per session, a quarter of Pounds 400,000 "large equipment" budget for schools cut, 25p hike for school meals to boost income by Pounds 500,000.


Education budget Pounds 56.7m. Saving Pounds 1.36m or 2.4 per cent. Council cut 3.4 per cent.

Property management review including school lets expected to yield savings of Pounds 250,000, cleaning, catering and janitorial services planned to save Pounds 350,000. The education department has Pounds 207,000 to reinvest because of school closures.


Education budget Pounds 51m. Saving Pounds 1.7m or 3 per cent. Council cut 7.8 per cent.

Staff retirals Pounds 400,000, primary school swimming axed, no foreign language assistants, new Pounds 80 charge for instrumental instruction, cuts in curriculum development, devolved school budgets, school meals, central administration and school bursaries.


Education and community services budget Pounds 44m. Saving Pounds 1.3m or 3 per cent. Council cut 3 per cent for each department.

Growth of Pounds 300,000 for additional teachers and Pounds 200,000 for special education. Main cut of Pounds 300,000 will shed 13.5 full time management staff in headquarters, community development cut by Pounds 196, 000, rise of 10p in school meals, swimming pool at Musselburgh Grammar to close.


Education budget Pounds 42.2m. Saving Pounds 0.9m or 2.1 per cent. Council cut 3.7 per cent.

Pounds 210,000 from teachers' early retirement, Pounds 150,000 from teacher replacement, Pounds 100,000 less on school repairs, Pounds 50,000 reduction in management time and staffing levels. But extra Pounds 46,000 to staff two pre-five centres and promote equal opportunities.


Education budget Pounds 159.9m. Saving Pounds 4.65m or 2.9 per cent. Council cut 5.7 per cent.

Growth of Pounds 1.66m brings reduction to Pounds 2.9m or 1.9 per cent. Expected nursery voucher income of Pounds 824,000, subsidy of Pounds 300, 000 removed from secondary cash cafeterias and traditional meals only to be served in primaries saving Pounds 250,000, higher school bursaries to disappear saving Pounds 250,000, maintenance costs cut by Pounds 241,000, community education restructuring Pounds 200,000.


Education budget Pounds 61.6m. Saving Pounds 2.8m or 4.3 per cent. Council cut 6 per cent.

Pounds 1.3m income from nursery vouchers, Pounds 560,000 from early retirement with 48 teachers going, administrative and community education posts not to be filled, "expected" savings on devolved supply cover budgets.


Education budget Pounds 144m. Saving Pounds 1.72m or 1.16 per cent. Council cut 5.9 per cent.

Pounds 300,000 saving on music instruction by shedding four posts and charging Pounds 40 a year, Pounds 258,000 from imposing a 50 per cent teaching load on assistant heads equivalent to losing 38 part-time posts, 6 management and advisory jobs to disappear saving Pounds 150,000, secondary cover reduced by 10 per cent, 5 per cent in-service cut.


Education budget Pounds 293m. Saving Pounds 10.3m or 3.5 per cent. Council cut 8.9 per cent.

250 teaching and 50 community education posts to go saving Pounds 5 m, 4 community education centres to close, 17 per cent cut of Pounds 620,000 from grants to voluntary organisations, 6 per cent cut in bursaries, 6 per cent reduction in clothing grants.


Education budget Pounds 106m. Saving Pounds 2.7m or 2.6 per cent. Council cut 5 per cent.

Secondary school staffing to be reduced by 2 per cent or about 24 posts to achieve a Pounds 480,000 saving, 7.5 Gaelic primary posts and about 10 visiting teachers of arts, music and drama will also disappear to save Pounds 180, 000, school meals up from Pounds 1.15 to Pounds 1.20.


Education budget Pounds 41.5m. Saving Pounds 0.4m or 1 per cent. Council cut 4 per cent.

A 20 per cent rise in pre-five charges, 20 per cent cut in bursaries, 25 per cent increase in letting charges and lets restricted, library expenditure cut by Pounds 60,000 or 4.6 per cent.


Education budget Pounds 43.6m. Saving Pounds 0.3m or 0.69 per cent. Council cut 5.4 per cent.

Decrease in secondary staffing due to falling rolls (Pounds 106,000), early retirals (Pounds 80,000), central staff (Pounds 50,000), fees increased for evening classes, school meals and letting charges up 10 per cent. Growth: two more primary teachers.


Education budget Pounds 42m. Saving Pounds 1.9m or 4.7 per cent. Council cut 6.1 per cent.

Repairs and maintenance cut by Pounds 500,000, community education to lose Pounds 260,000, central administration cut of Pounds 100,000, school meals' Pounds 250,000 subsidy removed, per capita cut of Pounds 120,000 not reinstated, five visiting specialists to go through early retiral. Primary and secondary staffing and curriculum development untouched.


Education budget Pounds 65m. Saving Pounds 0.3m, or 0.5 per cent. Council cut 4 per cent.

In-service training cut by 15 per cent or Pounds 52,000, staffing flexibility cut by 2.5 full-time posts (Pounds 50,000), absence cover Pounds 37,000, pre-five grants Pounds 45,000, adult education Pounds 19,000, management time cut in secondaries to save Pounds 12,500, school meals up to Pounds 1.10 raising extra Pounds 40,000.


Education budget Pounds 171.5m. Saving Pounds 3.1m or 2.4 per cent. Council cut 5.7 per cent.

Pounds 1m set against nursery voucher income, Pounds 350,000 from statutory transport for secondary pupils, 23 extra staffing posts for deprived schools lost to save Pounds 329,000, set hot meals in primaries saves Pounds 550, 000, energy savings of Pounds 250,000, grants to voluntary sector cut by Pounds 108,000.


Education budget Pounds 15.8m. Saving Pounds 0.14m or 1 per cent. Council cut 1.1 per cent.

Pounds 51,000 saved from central management and support staff, Pounds 35,000 from weekend closing of Kirkwall school hostel.


Education budget Pounds 53.1m. Savings Pounds 3.8m or 6.5 per cent. Council cut 11 per cent.

Teacher staffing will take a Pounds 846,000 cut and talks begin soon on how to achieve it but non-filling of posts is a main option, educational development service will lose Pounds 255,000, school meals to go up 5p next month and a further 5p in August.


Education budget Pounds 76.8m, Saving Pounds 1.57m or 2 per cent. Council cut 5 per cent.

Seven to eight jobs to go in a reorganised learning support system (Pounds 170-Pounds 200,000), 4 secondary posts axed (Pounds 56,000), community education revamp saves 2.5 posts (Pounds 60,000), staffing standards in special schools cut by 3.5 posts (Pounds 47,000), 5 technician posts in secondaries to go (Pounds 39,000), music tuition charges up from Pounds 15 to Pounds 75 (Pounds 50,000), school meals up 10p to Pounds 1.20, parents of pre-fives at council nurseries charged Pounds 1 a day.


Education budget Pounds 48.3m. Saving Pounds 1.9m or 4 per cent cut. Council cut 5.7 per cent.

Foulden primary planned to close, nine assistant head posts in secondary to go along with four curriculum support teachers, one music instructor and one curriculum development officer, primary swimming axed, in-service training cut by Pounds 80,000 or 35 per cent, music charges up 50 per cent, school meals up 40 per cent to at least Pounds 1.10.


Education budget Pounds 22.5m. No savings, no growth. Council targeting Pounds 5m cuts across the board by 2000.


Education budget Pounds 58m. Saving Pounds 1.4m or 2.6 per cent. Council cut 4.2 per cent.

Fifty per cent cut of Pounds 100,000 from schools in deprived areas, Pounds 80,000 from less management time in secondaries, reorganising management of community centres saves Pounds 200,000, in-service training cut by Pounds 150,000, libraries to lose Pounds 100,000, secondary pupils' travel eligibility raised from 2 to 3 miles.


Education budget Pounds 143.9m. Saving Pounds 5m or 3.5 per cent. Council cut 6.4 per cent.

Planned cuts of 5.4 per cent reduced after Pounds 1.77m was restored through loss of senior office jobs and an easing of capping limits. 120 teaching posts shed but 41 created to target disadvantage and early years; Pounds 840, 000 extra for pre-fives will create 700 nursery places. But teacher in-service reduced by 40 per cent (Pounds 281,000), funding for voluntary organisations halved by Pounds 302,000, Pounds 1 sessional charge for nursery places except for families in need, 20 posts to disappear from closure of education resource service, central technicians' service and Kaimes outdoor centre.


Education budget Pounds 38m. Saving Pounds 1.5m or 4.1per cent. Council cut 9 per cent.

Posts frozen, school meals up 10p to Pounds 1.10, early retirement by 27 teachers, grant support withdrawn for pupils attending weekend music and dance schools outwith the authority, school library service reduced by half to save Pounds 70,000 with loss of four full-time equivalent posts.


Education budget Pounds 46.8m. Saving Pounds 0.96m or 2 per cent. Council cut 3.2 per cent.

Non-filling of posts saves nearly Pounds 300,000, absence cover to be reduced by Pounds 200,000, management time being removed from secondary schools to save Pounds 50,000, fewer pupils with special educational needs will travel outwith the authority saving Pounds 150,000, three community education centres to close to save Pounds 90,000.


Education budget (including libraries and leisure) Pounds 82m. Saving Pounds 3.98m or 5 per cent. Council cut 6 per cent.

Pounds 600,000 deleted from sport and leisure, Pounds 580,000 from community education, Pounds 400,000 out of devolved school budgets, educational support to lose Pounds 380,000for psychology, special needs and clothing grants, visiting specialists' budget cut by Pounds 170,000.


Education budget Pounds 25.5m. Saving Pounds 0.5m or 2 per cent. Council cut 2.4 per cent.

Pounds 300,000 achieved by shedding 11 primary and secondary posts mainly through voluntary retirement, school lets restricted.

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