How Coyote became the Moon

A Kalispel story about moon-light

Once someone stole the Moon. People had to walk around in the dark. "Who will be the Moon?" the people asked. Yellow Fox tried, but he shone too brightly. Then Coyote offered to try. He knew that when he was in the sky, he would see everything happening on Earth. Coyote was a good Moon. He did not make the nights too bright. The people were pleased. But Coyote would see everything.

"Hy," he shouted. "Someone is stealing from that tepee."

"Hey," he shouted. "Someone is cheating in that game."

"Hey," he shouted. "Someone is telling lies."

All the people became tired of having their secrets said aloud. They took Coyote from the sky and put another Moon in his place. But Coyote still wants to know everything that's going on, and to this day he sticks his nose into everybody's business.

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