How do we get a Cornish passport?

THE cost of living article (TES, June 7) made for interesting reading; the Cornish example in particular. Perhaps David Reardon could be invited back to write a column giving tips to would-be applicants on how to be successful in getting a post in the South-west.

My wife, with 17 years' teaching experience across the primary sector in inner-city, rural and international schools - at times as a deputy head - has never been invited for interview on the numerous occasions that she has responded to advertised vacancies. Some of her colleagues have also tried in vain to break through what we term "the glass border".

On one occasion, after seeing my wife disappointed once too often I called the education department at Cornwall County Council to ask them "off the record" if they did indeed have a closed-shop policy to out-of- county applicants so that I could try to dissuade my wife from applying and avoid the sad face which seemed to inevitably follow.

In your article Mr Reardon states that he and his wife moved to the peninsula in order to give their children the experience of growing up in the country. I read this as implying that they had lived in a city away from the area prior to their move. It would cure my curiosity to know how he managed it.

M Laneuville 12 Neatherd Road Dereham, Norfolk

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