How do you deal with hummers?

The TES online forums are a hotbed of debate. Here is just a taste of what users are saying this week.

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Lumpy golightly

I have a group of silly year 9 boys who hum - not in the smelly sense - when I'm speaking. I THINK I know who the ring-leaders are, but can't punish them because I have no proof - they give me the butter-wouldn't-melt look and deny it. Any smart put-downs or other ideas?Tarantula Locate a rough approximation of a harmonious note and join in. Once they see you are enjoying it, they'll probably think that you're too sad to harmonise with.


Singing in a wildly embarrassing way, right in their faces.


You can always do group detention - students start getting cheesed off and start behaving.


Keep the suspected 'hummers' behind for extra singing practice, as they enjoy music so much.


Time how long the humming goes on. The "lost minutes" are added to the lesson, or caught up at lunch break the end of the day.

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