How to get the best out of pupils

1) Give children genuine praise 10 times more than you give them criticism.

It boosts their confidence and in turn leads to good behaviour.

2) Use multi-sensory techniques to alleviate boredom. Try to include as many lessons as you can in which children have things they can taste, touch and smell.

3) Adopt an optimistic approach to behaviour management. Positive thinking will lead to positive results.

4) Make learning less routine by integrating performing arts into lessons.

Introduce songs, plays and dance to the classroom.

5) Buy resources with children to make them value and respect them. Get the catalogue out and give them a chance to help make decisions.

6) Use your face to grab childrens' attention. Even saluting like a soldier to get them to be quiet does the trick.

7) When you are punishing a child, never ban them from physical education.

No child should ever be deprived of PE.

8) Think about different ways of getting children into the classroom instead of simply lining up. This is when they get irritated and start poking each other. Get them to walk like penguins or fish fingers.

9) Make chores such as cleaning up fun. Play the Mission: Impossible theme tune or shake a tambourine.

10) Avoid long discussions with aggressive children. Their concentration spans are small and they will not listen. Keep your sentences short and to the point.

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