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How to make money

Struggling to make ends meet? Marking examination papers can be lucrative, or you could get your kit off and become a life model, says Alison Brace

Ever felt you need extra money? Well, who hasn't? Going for a job with a Teaching and Learning Responsibility payment attached is the obvious way to boost your income. But what if you already are head of department, run the school football team, take Year 6 to France every spring, and, quite frankly, you are tired of working so damn hard? Where then do you look for those extra pennies?

Start close to home. If you have grown-up children living with you, make sure they are contributing to household expenses. With younger children, log on to to see if you are claiming your full entitlement to child tax credit.

Also, make sure you don't get caught out overpaying on electricity, gas, broad-band and telephone bills. Look at or www.saveonyourbills. to see price comparisons.

Then you can sort out your junk and sell it either on eBay or at a local car boot sale. Once you've cleared space, maybe you now have room to take in a lodger. You can receive up to pound;4,250 a year tax free under the Government's Rent-a-Room scheme - see

But if you like your privacy - and the bathroom free when you want it - then how about a spot of exam-marking or private tutoring? This may seem a bit like a busman's holiday, but both pay well and you can do them at home.

The National Assessment Agency is particularly looking for examiners in English language and literature, history, psychology and religious studies. Marking 400 English literature scripts, for example, could earn you around Pounds 1,748.

Take note, though - if you're thinking you can slot this one in on the train journey home, think again. Scripts are confidential and must not be marked in public places.

As for private tutoring, you could be earning pound;20 or more an hour just by placing an ad in your newsagent's window. If you feel the need for someone to get you organised, then sign up to an agency.

But maybe this money-making exercise is really a yen to get out there and do something different. Do you have a hobby that you can turn into a cottage industry? A hidden talent as a portrait painter or a knack for whipping up elaborate cakes?

Cottage industries can be time and energy-consuming, but you may well be sowing the seeds of a small business - and a rewarding new take on life - in your pursuit of extra cash

* Use your teaching skills to boost your income

Teach evening classes at a local college.

Become a private tutor: see

Become an examiner: contact

...or how about something really different?

Become a life model: apply to register at

Hire your house out as a film location: apply at

Be a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? See

Sign up to become an Avon lady: email or telephone 01428 714027.

Be a Christmas postman: see for vacancies

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