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How to register to vote

AFTER THE electoral register forms from your local council come the forms from the General Teaching Council. This week, teachers have been asked to make sure they are registered to vote for the first members of their new professional body.

Most teachers will have received a letter confirming they are on the council's electoral roll. Those who aren't - and that includes non-serving teachers - can still apply by December 15.

That is also the date by which anyone wishing to stand for seats on the council should submit their nomination forms.

The postal ballot will take place in February and March.

Teachers will directly elect 25 members of the 63-strong council. Each will get a single vote, depending on the job they do.

Primary, secondary and special school heads will each elect a single representative from their own ranks. Teachers of children aged 12 and over will elect 11 members, as will teachers of the under-12s. The rest are chosen by unions, other representative bodies and the Secretary of State for Education.

Registration forms are available from school heads, or by calling the council's helpline on 01325 392939, or visiting its website

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