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How will changes affect my school?

What happens next?

The Rose review recommendations will be incorporated into four major consultations.

It will feature in consultations next month on the revised national literacy framework, the new early-years foundation stage and revised standards for qualified teacher status. It has also prompted consultation this summer on revisions to the national curriculum for English.

The national curriculum is due to be changed in September to take account of the review and consultations and a revised literacy framework introduced.

In 2008 new initial teacher-training standards will be fully implemented, as will the early-years foundation stage.

What will the changes mean for me?

Teachers involved in the teaching of reading should:

* judge children's readiness for synthetic phonics work through careful observation and robust assessment.

* be able to plan and implement a high-quality phonics programme.

* use multi-sensory activities and a mix of resources including ICT within phonics sessions.

* praise and encourage achievement at every opportunity.

* judge how to organise teaching groups to provide optimum conditions for learning.

Headteachers should:

* make sure that at least one senior member of staff is fully able to take the lead on literacy, especially phonic work.

* make sure that phonic work is given appropriate priority in teaching beginner readers and this is reflected in decisions about training for their staff -including teaching assistants.

* put strategies in place to ensure that no child "falls through the net", such as comprehensive assessment and allocating resources for catch-up work.

* monitor the quality and consistency of the teaching of reading and its outcomes.

* strengthen awareness of how phonic work could be applied throughout the curriculum.

Governors should:

* ensure high-quality teaching of reading in key stage 1 informs realistic and ambitious target-setting for English at key stage 2.

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