6 ways to get D&T right at primary

How to get design and technology classes right at primary school
Too often, design and technology fails to live up to expectations. Here Aidan Severs explains how to ensure that it does
Aidan Severs 4 Mar 2019

How to teach through play (sponsored)

Encouraging pupils to make models is a valuable part of learning through play, says Chris Wilde
LEGO award winner Chris Wilde celebrates the importance of play in the classroom and allowing children to explore ideas
Chris Wilde 17 Jan 2019

MPs to quiz robot about education

A robot will appear before the Commons education select committee
Pepper the robot will appear as a witness in Commons committee's inquiry into the fourth industrial revolution
Helen Ward 8 Oct 2018

Impactful technologies to support the blended classroom

Technology to support hybrid teaching and learning
Choosing which tech teachers should use to manage a blended classroom can feel like a minefield. Here, one edtech expert sets out the technologies that can truly enhance hybrid teaching and learning
Tristan Kirkpatrick 27 Jul 2021
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