A 1980s playlist that captures 2020 results-day pain

Two 1980s women listen to music
The results crisis has revealed the same social imbalance today that teenagers in the 1980s experienced. And so, says Yvonne Williams, perhaps 1980s music can also speak to today's youth
Yvonne Williams 23 Aug 2020

Rock legend Dave Grohl: Teachers deserve better

Dave Grohl, playing the guitar
The Foo Fighters frontman pays an impassioned tribute to teachers: they are national treasures, he says, and should not be put at risk during the coronavirus pandemic
Dave Grohl 23 Jul 2020

Why do we forget the power of singing in school?

Singing in assembly, singing in schools
It can give confidence to troubled pupils, it brings the whole school community together, it has little impact on teacher workload, and it’s cheap. What’s not to like about collective singing?

Jo Brighouse 24 Jan 2020
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