Book review: Our House is on Fire

Cover of the book Our House is on Fire, by Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg's autism is her superpower – the undiluted sense of urgency and outrage we need to save us from climate disaster, says Sarah Wild
Sarah Wild 15 Mar 2020

SEND funding: heads' angry letter to the chancellor

Coronavirus: How can we help SEND pupils to catch up after the school closures?
'Many schools are in an unsustainable position…' In an open letter to the chancellor ahead of next week's Budget, five special-school heads outline the crisis caused by the lack of funding
Carolyn Morgan, et al 5 Mar 2020

LSAs: underpaid, undervalued and irreplaceable

How schools can better support their teaching assistants
They are the school dogsbodies, facing an impossible workload for far too little pay. Yet schools could not function without learning support assistants, says Colin Harris
Colin Harris 26 Feb 2020

Is the DfE deliberately ignoring pupils with SEND?

SEND: Man deliberately ignoring boy who shouts at him through megaphone
The experiences of pupils with special educational needs and disability are consistently overlooked – there’s no greater disadvantage than being ignored, says Christopher Rossiter
Christopher Rossiter 21 Jun 2021
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