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Human rights and justice are not to be snored at

Has David Dimbleby ever seen a citizenship lesson? If so, he would know that not all are conducive to snoring (TES, October 6). I accept that the recent Ofsted report found that lessons were not being taught well enough in 25 per cent of cases, but that means 75 per cent are OK or better.

Does he not realise how much damage can be done by running down the subject and saying it should be delivered as media studies? I find that offensive.

Citizenship is far more than media studies and certainly not seen as "a pain in the arse" by the majority of teachers or pupils. If Mr Dimbleby were to get out and visit a range of schools, he would see some innovative and inspirational lessons delivered, in the main, by a dedicated team of teachers. I have yet to see a pupil snore in one of my lessons. All I see is a sense of curiosity, challenge and a desire to learn.

Philippa Wadsworth Saltash Cornwall.

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