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PRACTICALS FOR PSYCHOLOGY: a student workbook. By Cara Flanagan. Routlege pound;19.99.

Cara Flanagan's workbook presents students with 20 key studies, chosen to represent a range of research methods, and which raise interesting methodological and ethical points.

Each study concludes with points for discussion. The DIY section shows students how to use this key study as a basis for their own investigation. The book also gives advice on writing up investigations and provides an example of a marked report.

If you've ever wondered how someone who cannot remember the important things in life, like when a homework assignment is due in, can effortlessly recall the results of the entire Premier Division for last Saturday, the study on football knowledge and memory will give you the psychological answer.

And better still, football-crazy students can investigate the phenomenon for themselves. There are other interesting investigations - can you blame your parents for low self-esteem, or turn a trip to the zoo into an exploration of the ways animals respond to human company.

Overall, the workbook is highly supportive of students struggling with the demands of designing their own investigations.

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