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Whatever the weather

Autumn: according to Keats, a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Certainly a time of changeable weather, making it ideal for discussing the topic with your pupils. The TESiboard interactive What's the Weather? activity for key stage 1 geography allows children to create a scene to reflect different weather conditions.

Rather than the usual narrow range of weather icons, pupils have control over cloud type and wind strength, and can set the colour of the sky. The scene fully animates the chosen weather, including sound effects for thunder. An added dimension is the facility to dress the characters in the scene appropriately for the chosen weather and finally to type in a summary to describe "The Weather Today".

Alternatively, also from TESiboard, is Weather Reporter, where children choose an area of Britain or Ireland, set the weather conditions and then hear their TV-style report read out. Why not print off the script and get children to role-play weather reporters?

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