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Humanities - World Religion Day

A good reason to explore the customs and faiths of different cultures is World Religion Day on 16 January. At the root of many religions is the creation story. Pamela2223 has created a primary literacy resource covering comparison, word recognition and useful vocabulary through creation stories from a range of cultures.

Another approach would be to examine belief systems through religious symbols or places of worship; moira16 shares a detailed presentation on the former, while staxfleming offers a similar PowerPoint on the latter.

To take a citizenship or historical approach, consider how different religions came to Britain with Psychy's cards, good for sorting or revision activities. And to move away from the big six, try resources on Rastafarianism or pagan and neo-pagan perspectives. Brummy Boy suggests an interactive presentation accompanied by music to introduce students to Rastafarianism and its link to slavery, while durgamata shares an informative factsheet on the pagan festival of Imbolg (in the first week of February) and how it is celebrated.

More resources can be explored in the World Religion Day collection.


Teachers come up with ideas of what to cover in an extra-curricular geography club.

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