The Danger Zone series:

Avoid Becoming an Egyptian Pyramid Builder!, Avoid Being a Tudor Colonist!

By Jacqueline Morley

Avoid Being a Roman Soldier!,

Avoid Sailing on the Titanic!

By David Stewart

Avoid Fighting in the First Crusade!,

Avoid Being a Medieval Knight!,

Avoid Being a Prisoner in a Medieval Dungeon!

By Fiona Macdonald

Book House

pound;10.99 each

Eight to 11-year-olds

Whether it's literacy or history you're tackling, fun is a vital ingredient

Cartoons spill from every page of The Danger Zone series: humans with big noses, smirking eyes and slobbering mouths, their surroundings packed with intriguing details. The books, designed to make learning history fun, provide confidential "top tips" for eight to 11-year-olds, giving them good reasons to keep away from some of history's more distressing periods and events.

Plenty of information comes wrapped in the boisterous humour. In Avoid Sailing on the Titanic!, topics include the design of bulkheads, class distinctions on board and how the ship went down in the freezing water.

"Handy Hints" appear in little boxes - in Avoid Fighting in the First Crusade!, crusaders are reminded about wearing red crosses, making wills, tending horses, wearing strong boots, not drinking poisoned water and learning from Islamic science.

The national curriculum can sometimes be fun

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