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Hunt the royals

Just where have Her Majesty and her hubbie gone? For as long as anyone can remember, the debates of education committees in the Viewforth headquarters of Central Region in Stirling were observed from behind the chairman's seat by two fine colour photographs of the Windsors. Signed, of course. This contributed to reasoned and enlightened discussions within a United Kingdom framework.

But Jotter can exclusively reveal the Windsors have been deposed. They disappeared from their lofty position on the back wall of the chambers when Central was disaggregated last spring and have not reappeared.

First the Stone of Destiny, now the colour photies. Suggestions that like disaggregated education furniture destined for Stirling, they ended up in Falkirk, have been refuted. Nor is there any evidence to suggest the Duke of Edinburgh's foot-in-mouth comments about gun rights post-Dunblane had any influence on their departure.

One thing for certain, though. When Her Majesty next makes a visit to Stirling, and we gather it might be soon, loyalists can rest assured the missing Windsors will be restored to their rightful place. Education debates can then return to normal.

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