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The Hunter by Gavin Davies

THE HUNTER by Gavin Davies. I was by the river, When a flash came, A kingfisher, Coloured as the golden, boiled sun, A fish in its mouth, It went home, So did I.

Poem by Gavin Davies, aged nine, who will receive Stopping For Death: Poems of Death and Loss, edited by Carol Ann Duffy (Viking).

Submitted by Lynne Lewis, of Croesty Primary School, Bridgend, who will receive the Poetry Society's teachers' newsletter.

Poetry Society events: 0171 240 4810.

Sometimes it is a single phrase, line or image that stops the reader in their tracks and makes them want to read and re-read a poem. In this poem, by Gavin Davies, it is the notion of a kingfisher "coloured as the golden, boiled sun" which has just that power for me.

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