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I cracked over Anne Thrope

So, "giving primary teachers carte blanche to award a level 6 and expecting them to operate self-restraint is like handing a junkie a bag full of smack and expecting him not to open it until Christmas morning ("Don't count those chickens", 5 October). Really?

As a primary head, I cannot believe there is this belief that internally marked Sats (in England) will naturally inflate the figures, given the lengths that are taken to moderate the work. Amazingly, the drive to do what is right for our children still holds firm. Is my colleague really suggesting that we keep the standards lower so they don't have to work as hard to maintain drive to get better?

Sadly, this article reaffirms my thoughts that secondary teachers think they are the only ones who know about teaching and that we just babysit the "dear little things".

Ceranne Litton, headteacher in the South of England.

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