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I don't need to ring mum

Nikki Harris, 18, has moderate learning difficulties. She is in her second sixth form year on a joint course run by Marshfields school and Peterborough regional college. She attended mainstream primary and secondary school up to Year 11.

"I get two buses to come here. We did bus training so it wasn't too daunting. I couldn't have done that before. I used to panic a lot. I'd have to ring Mum because I couldn't do it, but I can now. Most of my friends stayed at my old school. They were better at stuff than me. They were in higher groups and I felt left out. I was in the low group for everything.

One girl used to pick on me and call me names and hit me.

I'm doing work experience at a cash and carry. I like it. It's easier than working in a big shop. I did a Christmas job at John Lewis. I had to fold the towels a certain way. I could never remember how to fold them. I had to ask for help and I felt confused. Hopefully, I'll stay here for another year. I'm not sure what I'll do after that.

At my old school they gave me a learning support assistant. I did my best, but sometimes they got cross with me, because they said we've told you how to spell it five times and you still got it wrong. French was really hard.

I'm good at cross-stitch and rug-making. At primary school we made a tapestry and signed it. I think it's still on the wall.

If I make mistakes I try and put them right. I think people believed me when I said I was doing my best, but I'm not sure if they actually did. I think they thought I could do better."

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