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'I don't see yet how you qualify for funding'

We're still clouded with uncertainty. First of all we don't know exactly what the systems are going to be - the consultation papers are not absolutely clear and we don't know the impact of those changes yet.

Overall, we accept and welcome the changes. The throwing open of the funding to other private training organisations directly - it could have the most enormous effect.

It could be colossal - every little organisation could apply to the LSC for funding for bits of work or training that it's doing.

And I don't see any evidence yet of what the ground rules are going to be and how you need to qualify t be eligible for funding.

You could argue that any organisation that is training - training its workforce indeed, in a structured programme - could claim funding from the national exchequer. What are the rules of engagement?

I think there are huge uncertainties. On the other hand, if the rules of engagement for applying for LSC funding are drawn up in such a way, they could be relatively exclusive.

It would be only large organisations that have some very elaborate quality assurance arrangements and are recognised accredited centres by the national examination boards, that could pass muster.

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