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I hate my new job

Your job and career questions answered

I have just started a new job in a secondary school and find that I hate it. Previously I lectured in FE and loved it. I have not yet had a contract, so can I leave or am I bound by some verbal contract?

Your employer has a period of time within which they are required to provide you with a written contract of employment. It is good practice to do this before term starts unless, for unavoidable reasons, the appointment is made very late in the holidays. Even though you have not received your contract, you did accept the post verbally. If you walk out on the school, then the worst that is likely to happen is that you will have to explain to your next potential employer why you took this drastic action and failed to think the job through in advance. The school will be very unlikely to want to give you a favourable reference. That said, I do sympathise. I knew within three weeks of starting one job that I had made the wrong move, but used the experience to learn new skills while looking for another post. In the end, you will have to decide your best option.

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