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I see and I obey

Must Do and Must Not Do: Signs in French, 297mm x 210mm, Pounds 26 plus Pounds 2.50 pp, Additonal cards 75p each (minimum order 10) plus Pounds 1.50 pp La Chaine Linguistique Francaise, 32 The Croft, Bardwell, Suffolk IP31 1AN

This pack of 36 illustrated, and colour-coded signs would certainly make a useful addition to a school's French resources.

Printed on strong card they could be used as flash cards - to help pupils to recognise authentic French signs and notices - or displayed around the room. Inventive teachers will find their own ways to exploit them further The Must Do cards are printed in blue and the Must Not Do in red. They are mostly signs that you would expect to see in public places, ranging from simple commands like Fermez la porte and Defense de fumer to longer prohibitions such as Nos amis les betes ne sont pas acceptes dans cet etablissement.

Some signs (for example, Frappez avant d'entrer and Entree interdite aux el ves) would be helpful in promoting the use of the target language in the classroom, although for the cards to be really effective here they would have to include common commands such as Asseyez-vous, Sortez vos crayons or Ecoutez la cassette.

The cards could be used with students at most levels since illustrations make them comprehensible even when the language is complex.

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