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I would happily join Warr's war on Ritalin

I agree with Simon Warr, the teacher from Suffolk, regarding pupils being force-fed pills (Letters, September 24). I work as a school improvement partner and continue to be disturbed by the number of children who are prescribed Ritalin to control alleged unacceptable behaviour in class. One small mixed-age key stage 2 class has seven children on the drug. I agree that some children are very hard to manage, even by experienced and good teachers. There are, however, some teachers who can't manage children's behaviour.

The teacher complains to the parent about the child's behaviour. The parent blames other children. The situation continues and the parent visits the GP. The GP consults the school regarding the pupil's behaviour and Ritalin is prescribed. One pupil under control and then the next one rises to the surface. Poor behaviour management by parents and teachers results in drugged children. I'd be happy to join Mr Warr's STOPP.

Pauline Stonehouse, School improvement partner, East Anglia.

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