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Ice by Marc Blanchard


Ice tastes like the Antarctic snow It looks like a bag of frozen rockpeas It sounds like the gales of the coastline It feels like the slippery iceberg water It smells like the salt of the sea.

MARC BLANCHARD I like this poem for personal reasons - with its windy "s" sounds and its harsh "r"s, its saltiness and chilliness and its awful sounding "rockpeas" it evokes for me the east coast of Scotland, where I took many bone-chilling walks as a child. Unsurprisingly, the poem comes from Burntisland, an outpost of Fife, and is one of an excellent batch of work with a mixed flavour of salt and school dinners sent in by Andrew McNeil.


Marc Blanchard, aged 10, receives Two's Company by Jackie Kay (Puffin). Submitted by Andrew McNeil of Burntisland Primary School, Fife, who receives a set of Poetry Society posters with teacher's notes. For Poetry Society events, ring 0171 240 2133

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