The quality of the resources available to schools and colleges today demonstrates the commitment that different agencies and the ICT industry have to providing the very best solutions to meet the requirements of the ICT curriculum.

The ICT in Schools division of the Department of Education and Skills, professional advisers associations such as Naace, as well as technology agency Becta and the Teacher Training Agency certainly know that today's teachers and learners demand high-quality solutions, so if you are looking for "a slice of the best" resources available for use in the ICT classroom, believe me you won't be disappointed when you see what's on offer at BETT this year!

Apple's iLife suite for example, now includes iStopmotion. This is a great new edition to the portfolio of Apple products and this suite of resources is specifically designed to increase pupils' ICT skills. Enhancing capability is important and Heinemann's ICT Matters books and CD-Roms will provide you with full coverage of the key stage 3 framework and it is matched to the National Curriculum programmes of study and the QCA Scheme of Work.

If, however, you are looking for an online course for KS3, the Letts Educational Key Stage 3 ICT Online course contains everything you need to deliver KS3 ICT and it is modelled on the Framework for Teaching ICT. This course is intended for use via an interactive whiteboard, data projector andor a computer.

When thinking about interactive whiteboards, don't forget to take a look at what's on offer via the National Whiteboard Network and if you want to purchase a whiteboard, the SMART Rear Projection 2000i Interactive Whiteboard nominated for a BETT award this year should be of interest to you (competition page 70). The latest SMART Notebook software, with a host of advanced features will certainly be useful to ICT teachers. There are also specific software packages available with the Promethean whiteboards allowing them to be used for ICT as well as broadly across the Curriculum.

The software content of programs such as ActivPrimary and ActivStudio 2 makes the hardware deliver and perform well and therefore makes the most of the equipment.

KnowledgeBox is definitely worth looking at. It has been shortlisted for no less than four BETT Awards this year and Pearson Longman will be unveiling the latest additions. BlackCat also needs to be seen - the new ICT toolbox covers the ICT skills needs of foundation stage to lower key stage 2 pupils. The 2Simple products are specifically designed to develop ICT capability and they are very popular. The Infant Video Toolkit (pound;75 single user) will enable you to meet the QCA Scheme of Work for ICT in KS1 and you should take a look at 2Animate (pound;29) too. Max's Toolbox software (pound;35) looks good and it includes MaxWrite, MaxCount and MaxDraw, a powerful set of resources that work with Microsoft products to make ICT fun. What could be simpler?

If you are looking for something different take a look at the Macromedia Contribute 3 School Site License Solution. It will enable everyone in your school to easily update, add, and publish to websites without knowing any HTML. If you are keen to make assessment for learning dynamic and interactive then the Qwizdom UK Ltd Interactive Learning System, short-listed for a BETT award will be of interest to you. Take a look at the new KS4 ICT lessons and questions. Did you know about the new Gridclub Superclub. They now include an ICT online course for pupils and this Superclub offers a range of features tailored to the needs of KS2 pupils.

Find out more about SuperTalker from Inclusive Technology as well as the USB Switch Box from Crick. Both have been nominated for BETT awards. Also take time to see Granada's My Modelling Toolkit (pound;39 single-user) - it fits directly with the teaching of QCA ICT Unit 1A.The range of must-have resources available from TAG Learning includes the Maps (Managed Assessment Portfolio System) web-based e-portfolio tool for KS2 and KS3 and Digital Movie Creator 2 (pound;84.95), a robust digital video camera.

Have you encountered any "invisible technology" in your classroom lately? Remember that what is also making a significant difference to ICT falls into the "invisible" category and there will be lots to see at BETT!

ICT teaching is now benefiting from fast, simultaneous access to even more online resource materials made available by suppliers, Government departments and other ICT champions. Together we are making a difference.

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Focus Educational Software - Mechanical Toys Stand SW28

A built-in 2D drawing program to help students design their own toys.

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Economatics - Logicator Soft Systems Studio Stand G42

Specialists in ICT control and monitoring resources, who now cover the full age range from foundation to FE.

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Teachers' TV Stand X34

A new TV channel on Freeview funded by the DfES and targeted at teachers

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