We should all agree that Building Schools for the Future is not about building "new old schools" but about creating well-managed learning and teaching environments for "any time, anywhere learning". And the great news is that you don't have to wait for your school to be rebuilt to change your classroom. Some of the ICT resources at BETT 2006 aim to transform learning and teaching now.

To see the latest inspirational control technology resources take time to check out what's available from Data Harvest - you won't be disappointed.

The impressive range of products includes FlowGo, Dynamics System and EasySense Q Advanced - a powerful new secondary data-logger (full data-logging round-up on Web Extra www.tes.co.ukonline).

If you haven't seen the Bee-Bot control device (pound;35, review on Web Extra) and resources, visit RM or REM. Bee-Bot offers children of all abilities a gentle introduction to control, and there is a great selection of mats for use with it (from pound;15.99). The latest Crocodile ICT from Crocodile Clips uses controllable on-screen human characters to teach control concepts.

BETT is always an ideal opportunity to see the latest whiteboard developments - and there's a lot to see. Get some hands-on experience of the new SMART Board 600 series of whiteboards and listen to the new SMART Board Audio System, with 15-Watt USB speakers.

Have you considered how you and your students will benefit from the developments in voting systems? These are not just fun tools but useful additions for any learning environment. Qwizdom's Q5 radio frequency handset system, Promethean's ACTIVstudioMV, which includes individual voting pods linked to the ACTIVboard, as well as Interactive Education and Hitachi Interactive Solutions (VerdICT) voting systems, are being used to assess student knowledge in order to support their individual needs.

Anyone still looking for inspiration need go no further than the Tag Learning stand to see how Inspiration 7.6 mind mapping software (from pound;59) is supporting ICT teaching.

If the transformation of education through the effective use of ICT in schools and in other environments, including the home, is of interest to you, the DfES, with Partnership for Schools, the TDA and Naace are worth contacting, although we all know that without the right keyboard skills student performance is inhibited. Find out how the Keyboard Crazy Game and software by Epar Software are helping students of different ages and abilities to achieve their potential.

2Simple has yet again listened to what teachers want, and anyone wishing to get their hands on animation software won't be disappointed with 2Animate (Pounds 29). But there's more, and the latest software range includes 2Connect (Pounds 39), Simple City (pound;39) and 2Create a Story (pound;39).

What about embedding ICT and e-Learning? Find out what Granada Learning has been getting up to and you will see that latest developments include a publishing tool for secondary schools that allows teachers to create digital learning content and courses quickly and efficiently.

Don't miss CIA Training's Clait Plus 2006 learning resources, designed to support the new CLAIT series 2006 and Digitalbrain's DiDA Manager, the ideal e-learning product for teachers and learners.

Nelson Thornes Online Test and Assessment service promises to provide a full range of QCA SATs, which should be of interest to everyone.

Homeschool learning is changing, making it possible for dynamic, interactive e-learning portfolios to be created easily. To get the latest information about e-learning stop off at the e-Learning Foundation stand and explore its vision of the future.

The great news is that many students are already recording their achievements through blogs and the open source virtual learning environment Moodle, but e-learning for pupils aged 7 to 11 is also being supported by GridClub through the development of safe online environments. StarsClub is a new ICT skills course; taster games are available.

At BETT you must visit NESTA Futurelab, where you will see a range of innovative education partnership projects created to transform the way young people learn. And finally, the Google Earth website will bring everything into perspective. Fly from space to where you want to be, but only after you have been to BETT 2006.

Don't miss

Podcaster Kudlian Soft Stand M100

Podcaster provides an effective method of publishing recorded talk and music through the internet in a way that will automatically tell your listeners when your new material is available.


Textease Studio CT Softease Stand C56

Textease Studio CT is worth finding out about if you teach KS1 or KS2. It is an integrated set of nine key software tools that share an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to embed ICT throughout the curriculum.


KS4 Programme of Study and e-Tutor Heinemann Education Stand PZ20W18Y10

ICT Links from Heinemann is designed to embed core ICT skills into the curriculum at KS4, covering ICT for KS4 within subjects, without the need for a separate ICT skills course.


Other contacts

2Simple Stand C54 www.2simple.com

CIA Training Stand G41 www.ciatraining.co.uk

Crocodile Clips Stand D74 www.crocodile-clips.com

Data Harvest Stand L40 www.dataharvest.com

Digitalbrain Stand H61 www.digitalbrain.com

e-Learning Foundation Stand T63 www.e-learningfoundation.com

Keyboard Crazy Stand Z100 www.keyboardcrazy.co.uk

Google Earth http:earth.google.com

Granada Learning Stand E40F40 www.granada-learning.com

GridClub Stand C90 www.gridclub.com

Hitachi Interactive Stand A20 www.hitachisoft-uk.com

Interactive Education Stand W30 www.interactive-education.co.uk

Nelson Thornes Stand C70 www.nelsonthornes.com

NESTA FutureLab Stand Y30 www.nestafuturelab.org

Promethean Stand V60W40 www.prometheanworld.com

Qwizdom Stand Z70 www.qwizdom.co.uk

REM Stand B40 www.r-e-m.co.uk

RM Stand D50 E50 www.rm.com

SMART Stand A30, X22 F10 www.smartboard.co.uk

Tag Learning Stand F50 www.taglearning.com

TDA Stand Y90 www.tda.gov.uk

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