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You can now access many libraries online, with the ability to even browse, page-by-page some of the world's finest collections. Priceless examples of calligraphy are available for such viewing and provide an excellent stimulus for graphic design. The British Library site contains a number of such examples, including "Babars' Qur'an", with its sumptuous calligraphy, and "Glimpses of Medieval Life", comprising extracts from the Luttrell Psalter. The Huntington Library in California is home to many literary treasures, including first folios by Chaucer and Shakespeare. The celebrated Book of Hours is kept here and part of it can be viewed on the library's website. This inspiring work of illuminated pages makes a useful starter for a graphics project, whether using Microsoft Paint, Serif's DrawPlus or Adobe Illustrator. Illuminating writing is an ideal way of introducing a wide variety of drawing tools to would-be graphic designers.

* The British Library

* The Huntington Library


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