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ICT Games - Motivation through play

What the lesson is about

If your pupils are finding it hard to engage with a subject or topic, this collection of resources could help. It contains games and activities that are suitable for all ages and can easily be adapted for your subject area.

Getting started

Ahardiment has shared a Who Wants to be a Millionaire? PowerPoint template, with sound effects. Teachers can easily customise the questions and answers for any subject or topic to make a fun revision game suitable for any age group. For French teachers, cthomas1983 has constructed an interactive game based on the television show Wipeout. Pupils must identify the infinitive verbs on the grid, and try to avoid finding a "wipeout". The game would make a great lesson plenary. Lynxeyes has also shared a perfect activity for modern language students: the "Guess Who?" activity encourages pupils to put their descriptive abilities into practice, and guess which character their opponent has.

Taking it further

Johners74 has shared a link to a website that allows you to create your own interactive learning games, including hangman, quizzes and wordsearches. The games you make can be used as effective starters, or why not encourage your pupils to create their own game for their classmates?

S1-3 maths teachers may find davecavill's tangrams PowerPoint presentation useful for injecting some fun into lessons covering area and perimeter. It uses the classic tangram to help pupils find areas by counting squares and measuring perimeters.

Other resources include a "Weakest Link" template (Lewiss) and a heart- structure labelling activity (henrycordy) designed for key stage 4 (S4-6) biology students.

Where to find it

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