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ICT ignorance is tantamount to gambling

Professor John Siraj-Blatchford is possibly half right in his concerns about age-inappropriate ICT software ("Why young children need ICT games for their age", October 22), but the problem for young children is that the area where he is half wrong could well be catastrophic for their well-being.

There is nothing developmentally appropriate for young children that can be learnt through the ICT medium that cannot be learnt in other, far healthier ways. Also, many computer skills are learned more quickly, and more effectively, at a later age anyway.

We urgently need more information on what is happening to children physiologically and psychologically through early exposure to ICT. By imposing ICT on young children we are playing Russian roulette with their long-term well-being.

Dr Richard House, Research Centre for Therapeutic Education, Roehampton University.

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