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#163;70k EcoBugs award

Children will get the chance to create creepy-crawlies after an environmental game received a major research grant. The EcoBugs project sets pupils the task of designing a virtual creature, releasing it into the "wild", then monitoring and collecting specimens through a GPS-enabled mobile. Aimed at primary pupils, it is being developed by the charity Futurelab and designers CX Partners and is the first UK winner of the MacArthur Digital Media and Learning Competition. The $100,000 (#163;69,000) award will support a pilot scheme later this year. The game is expected to be available free to all schools once development is complete.

iPlayer update

The BBC has launched a new version of its iPlayer, to make it easier to download programmes. Users can customise the iPlayer, setting up a list of programmes to download in advance, and imprint a memory where programmes will be recommended based on previous viewing. Users can also search for programmes from ITV, Channel 4, Five and S4C, although they will be downloadable through these other broadcasters' catch-up services.

ICT for the future

ICT procurement under the Building Schools for the Future programme will be examined at a one-day seminar next month. It will look at examples of best practice and consider whether ICT was successfully integrated into the process, as well as the prospects for technology in future new builds. The seminar takes place in central London on July 20. For details see:

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