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Price war on e-readers

The cost of e-readers has plummeted as rival manufacturers embark on a price war in the face of increasing competition. Amazon has cut the price of its Kindle from about #163;176 to #163;128, while Barnes and Noble has reduced the cost of the Nook from #163;176 to #163;135. The increasing popularity of tablet computers, such as Apple's iPad, and smartphones has put pressure on companies to lower their prices. Amazon is also planning to launch a new version of the Kindle later in the year.

iPad language courses

Conversational language courses for use on the iPad have been launched by online education company Hello-Hello. The courses involve 30 lessons in French, German, Italian and Portuguese, and are supplemented by flash cards. The entire course can be stored on the iPad and access to a network connection is not required. Each course costs about #163;7. For more details, go to

Dell support service unveiled

Computer giant Dell has unveiled a specialised support service for school technology. The Connected Classroom system is available on equipment installed through Dell. It offers a remote helpdesk, collaborative support with software providers and a diagnostic and repair service, and can be bought on a per-classroom basis. For more details, go to:

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