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ICT raises classroom standards

upils at primary schools with good computer facilities achieve better results, new research findings claim, writes Chris Johnston.

The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency study, based on 199899 Office for Standards in Education reports from 2,600 schools, found a significant link between schools with "very good" provision of technology and national standards among junior pupils. In English, 54 per cent of these schools were above the national average, while the figures for science and maths were 57 and 58 per cent, respectively.

Fifty-five pr cent of OFSTED's "most improved" primary schools had good or better ICT ratings, while 58 per cent of primaries with "high standards" also had good or better ICT ratings.

Inspectors also reported that the use of new technologies had a positive impact on 60 per cent of "commended" schools, particularly in maths and English.

Michael Wills, the learning and technology minister, said the findings marked "a milestone in the drive to use new technology to raise standards in the classroom".

For details, visit uk.newsreportsindex.html

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