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Getting started with sustainability

What is it?

An interactive website featuring eight sustainability case studies focusing on the development of products, such as bike trailers and toys produced from waste materials. All the topics are underpinned with student activities and tasks that help to consolidate learning.

How to use it?

The website features a main menu, with a clear introduction that asks the question "What is sustainability?"

Also included are:

- detailed teachers' notes;

- specific activities;

- further links.

The website is user-friendly and students could use it for independent research to help them develop a real understanding of the topic.

Why do I like it?

It's useful and easy to navigate. It is simple enough for key stage 3 students to investigate and has enough detail for KS4 pupils to supplement their current knowledge or revision. Sustainability is a hot topic and can be applied to just about any sub-topic or area within design and technology. This resource may not fulfil all your requirements, but it could be a useful starting point for introducing sustainability.

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