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Recently, the bright colours and attractive message from the website Zondle caught my eye: "FREE - and always will be!" After all, with increasingly stretched budgets, promises like this are an attractive proposition. But are they a true economy?

How does it work?

It's simple to sign up to Zondle and there's an option to set up a class to monitor pupil progress. Using the search tool, find a stack of prepared learning topics, which generate a whole series of games. After trying a few subjects, correct answers earn opportunities to play a game, build a car or see a Zondle character being bashed into oblivion with a mallet ...

What else?

Attractively presented, the games can be personalised using your own set of questions to create a new topic. They could be used in class, as homework activities or for revision. The learning potential of Zondle is clear. www.zondle.com



Knock, knock, creative calling!

TES ICT has just launched another Creative ICT challenge for primary and secondary to inspire budding animators and programmers (and their teachers) to create stimulating interactive resources.

The categories are best learning animationvideo and best learning gamequizinteractive. There are #163;50 of Amazon vouchers up for grabs. For full design briefs and information, visit www.tes.co.ukcreativeICT.

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